An update as of 8/2017 - it appears they have moved this option to another location. Select the App you want 'unpublished' from your dashboard > Store presence > Pricing & distribution.

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    In the current version of Google Play store Console as of(August 2017) here is the procedure of unpublishing your app.

    • Choose the app you wish to unpublish.
    • Go to Store presence > Pricing & distribution.
    • You will see "unpublish" button in the app availability section as shown below. enter image description here

    After clicking unpublish a dialog will popup confirm and save the changes.

      There are two ways to delete an application you have uploaded from the Google Play Developer Console based off of the application's status within the Console. An app's status can be viewed from the "All Applications" tab listed in the furthest column. (See below)

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      • If your app has not yet been published to the Google Play store (ie. Is still a draft):

      Select your app from the list and at the top of the page, underneath your application name, it will say DRAFT in blue with the super low-profile option to delete it just to the right. Observe below:

      enter image description here

      Click that and you're done! Keep in mind: all of the work you have put into this application so far will be deleted from the Google Play Developer Console.

      • If your app has already been published and you want to remove it from the app store:

      This method is similar, however it should be noted that it is not possible to permanently delete an app from your Developer Console once it has been published to the Play Store.

      1) Select the application you would like to publish from the "All Applications" tab on the right of the screen

      2) Below the title of the app, similar to how it was with the DRAFT application, there will be super low-profile text allowing you the option to unpublish your app from the Play Store. This process "may take a few hours to complete" as it is said by the Developer Console.

      (Pictures on the way. As you have seen, my example app is still pending publication, lol)

      I hope this helps to answer some people's questions.

        Click on Store Listing and then click on 'Unpublish App'.

        See image for details

          The new version is hard to find. Select the app, then look for "3 dot menu" in upper right corner. enter image description here

          Go to "Pricing & Distribution" and choose "Unpublish" option for "App Availability", please refer below youtube video

          FYI, they've updated the Google Play developer page again. Now, at the far right, click the vertical ellipsis (like a colon with an extra dot in it). That now has the 'Unpublish App' option.