Jasmin - Open source SMS gateway

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Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features such as:

  • SMPP Client / Server
  • HTTP Client / Server
  • Console-based configuration, no service restart required
  • Based on AMQP broker for store&forward mechanisms and other queuing systems
  • Using Redis for in-memory DLR tracking and billing
  • Advanced message routing/filtering (Simple, Roundrobin, Failover, HLR lookup, Leastcost ...)
  • Supports Unicode (UTF-8) for sending out multilingual SMS
  • Supports easy creation and sending of specialized/binary SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push, Vcards
  • Supports concatenated SMS strings (long SMS)

Jasmin relies heavily on message queuing through message brokers (Using AMQP), it is designed for performance, high traffic loads and full in-memory execution.


HLD Architecture

Jasmin core and its external connectors (used for AMQP, Redis, SMPP, HTTP, Telnet ...) are written in Python and are mainly based on Twisted matrix, an event-driven networking engine.

Getting started

Refer to Installation steps to get Jasmin gateway up and running quickly with a simple SMS sending scenario.


The documentation is at:

If you still need to build it locally:

$ cd misc/doc
$ make html
Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html.



Jasmin is released under the terms of the [Apache License Version 2]. See `LICENSE` file for details.